About Us

TENACITY supports organizations to successfully adapt themselves for an ambitious future.

We work with business leaders and their teams to transform organizations from within, by putting culture to work to close the strategy-execution gap.

Our expertise lies in deploying effective strategy, technology, and talent development solutions in the context of a constant and rapidly changing business environment.




Of individuals: The quality or fact of being very determined

Of organizations: The quality or fact of continuing to exist

Upgrading performance is what we do

Since 2007, we’ve had an unshakeable purpose to make a positive change in the lives of people around us. We seek out the greater potential in your organization to help you achieve your goals by creating tailor-made business solutions contextualized to fit your needs so that your organization, and your team, can operate at their highest potential. Always growing, with offices in Beirut, Boston, Dubai, Riyadh and more than 7,300 projects executed in 27 countries since 2007, tenacity upgraded the performance of over 176 K people in 19 industries.

Our Values


We strive to perform and deliver to the highest standards, in everything we do.


We embrace creativity and pioneer new solutions across our business, internally and externally.


We embrace a range of backgrounds and capabilities in our people and in our investments, to make us stronger and to serve our customers better.


We treat everyone with integrity, show appreciation, are open and honest.


We generate positive contributions for the benefit of business, society and the environment.

Founded in 1979, Nesma has been a key player in the development and diversification of the Saudi economy and in the promotion of responsible business practices. Guided by its values of excellence, innovation, diversity, respect, and impact, Nesma maintains a varied business portfolio across multiple sectors in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Turkey.

“As we have seen disruption to businesses across industries and sectors, we are now seeing disruption to the way companies manage their businesses internally- from how they motivate and reward their employees, to how they optimize technology and foster innovation. Tenacity leverages global expertise and practical local experience to develop solutions that will prepare companies to be well positioned for an ambitious future.”

Noura AlTurki

Vice President, Nesma

Chair, Tenacity

Created in 2007, ighcc – formerly ideas group – is a human capital and learning & development consultancy, that works with clients to upgrade their performance. With offices in Beirut, Dubai, and Riyadh and more than 6,500 projects executed in 26 countries, ighcc upgraded the performance of over 160 K people in 19 industries, using an approach of contextualized solutions.

“Saudi Arabia is witnessing an unprecedented transformation. Being part of that change, through a new partnership, that is “Made in Saudi Arabia, with a team of global experts is something enthusing. Tenacity uses a contextualized approach in all of its services to be able to provide a high return on investments for all its partners.”

Camil El Khoury

Senior Partner, ighcc

Managing Partner, Tenacity

Industries We Are Involved In So Far...

Airline & Aerospace
Consumer Products
Energy & Environment
Financial Institutions
Growing Midsize Companies & Startups
Media & Communication
Multinational Corporations
Non-profit organizations
Public Departments and Organizations
Semi-Governmental Organizations

What's in it for you?

Once you’re in, we embrace you as part of our family, and as such you will be treated. You, your team, and your organization as a whole become our learning partners whereby leadership and development are fostered through tailor-made consulting solutions, workshops, and transformational learning experiences that enable organizational and personal performance upgrades. The advantage is that we do not compromise, and quite rarely duplicate our offerings.

Our Framework

1. Self: Increasing awareness, increasing intention. Acknowledging our individuality is significant in order to gain a sense of identity, purpose, and direction. This then includes the perception of one’s role, the understanding of how the self contributes to the external world, and the intention to develop growth. 2. Team: Aligning purpose, streamlined communication. Reaching a state of a high performing team is one of the most pressing challenges in an organizational setup, yet when addressed correctly, is one of the simplest things to impact. 3. Organization: A sense of identity and direction. Like any ecosystem, organizations have often conflicting directions and needs. Understanding the core of the business and building a toolset that can bind us together as a whole is an essential component of organizational success. 4. Society: Making a difference...really. Business systems are designed for individual successes which often derails us from any sense of purpose. We believe that, by catalyzing stakeholders, we can create a greater impact on our societies without compromising our individual and organizational wins.

Why We Do It

To make a positive change - in a world where empathy is challenged and individual differences are not always at the front of organizational agendas, we like to see ourselves putting a small dent in the world where we can help people and organizations be better, do better and give better.